Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beans In The Ground

Today I planted the first beans. Two squares of Kentucky Blue Pole Beans (58 days) and two squares of Landreth Stringless Bush Beans (52 days).
I do not think we can eat more beans than that :)

I originally thought I would cut the weed cloth to put around the plants to help keep cats out. When I put the paper collars for cutworms aroundd the pole beans, the weed cloth just bunched and looked ugly. I left off the collars for the bush beans and did use the weed cloth. I will see what happens. I can always stick a straw in next to them when they come up.

I soaked each kind in water for an hour before planting. I soaked each bed well too both before and after planting.

I did go to Starbucks and get a bag of Espresso Pods. Lovely little things! I crumbled them up and put on top of the soil and weed cloth.

In other garden news the lone yellow squash is finally producing and has a half dozen babies.

I picked the first two Roma tomatoes. I only have one Roma this year.

This is one of two surviving bean plants. A few more came up but died. We had a horrid windstorm that broke off several plants this spring. This one is still very small but is covered with flowers. No beans yet.

There is a Purple Leaf Plum Tree on the line between us and our neighbor. It had a HUGE crop of plums this year. I hate to see them on the ground going to waste but they are so incredibly sour that I have been unsuccessful in making anything edible out of them. Sad.


Barbee' said...

Hmm.. wonder if they would make good jelly? Question: what do the espresso pods do?

Susan Mrenna said...

Espresso pods are the compressed coffee grounds used to make espresso.