Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Post

I have been pretty good about blogging my knitting, but not about my other interests.
This blog will chronicle the little things I do for enjoyment aside from knitting.
The little cabin is our home away from home in WV and the little garden is at our home in VA.
What sparked this sudden blogging enthusiasm?
We are doing big things to the little cabin and I am starting a garden based on the Square Foot Gardening system developed by Mel Bartholomew.
For instance, a week or so ago I saw an ad on Freecycle for free fill dirt, just come and get it. At the little cabin there are a lot of holes caused by the clearing of the lot. We chose which trees to keep and the bulldozer cleared the rest leaving holes where the roots pulled out of the ground. Those are the holes I wanted to fill with the dirt. We did go and backed right up to the woman's back gate. She had put in a new patio and that was where the dirt came from. I put down a tarp in the bed of the truck. She and my husband started shoveling into two buckets. Each bucket held 4 shovelfuls of dirt. As each bucket was filled, I replaced it with an empty bucket and dumped the dirt into the pickup. We really got a rythym going and the truck was half full in no time. This is what it looked like. (Yes, I loaded it with the tailgate up, this picture was taken as we were about to unload it)

We took turns shoveling it into our little garden cart.

Then my husband pulled the cart with his lawn tractor around to the holes. Then I shoveled in the dirt and he leveled it with the rake. Then I put the grass seed on top.

We had another big project for the Fourth of July weekend too. Wrapping the little cabin with house wrap. And we did! It looks great and the rain does not come through the walls anymore either. Yes, it really did use to. We also got the siding pieces put up around most of the windows, doors, air conditioners and corners.

I was pleased to see the Purple Coneflowers in my garden blooming. The butterflies love them although the butterflies were being camera shy. The garden sits on the remains of the brush pile where all the bulldozed brush was piled up when the lot was cleared. Most of it we actually chipped up in the shredder. Some was cut up for firewood and a small pile was burned. The mound the garden sits on is what was left of the bigger stumps and dirt after everything else was gone. There is a groundhog tunnel under the garden and we often see the groundhog out grazing.

On our way home I made my husband stop and take a picture of this sign on the cemetary. 'Nough said.

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Barbee' said...

You were lucky to find that dirt. I never seem to have enough dirt here, we are on limestone.

I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile, now I find myself at the very beginning. I surely did enjoy my visit and your writing. Thank you.