Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fresh Paint

The fresh paint does make a difference! But I do not like painting! You can see how it did look in the post prior to this one and now it looks like this.

I got bitten or pinched by a baby praying mantis while I was painting. He got me in the crook of my elbow. I did not even know he was there till he grabbed or bit me. I don't know which, but it stung a little. I looked and there he was, all inch and a quarter of him. I shook him off into the lilac bush and off he went. I think they are really cool and hope he sticks around.

Here is a picture of some of the boards I took out on Wednesday. The trash company does not have to pick up boards at all so I am disposing of them very slowly.

You can see my yellow summer squash plant behind the boards. That bed will be replaced eventually as well. And so on around the back of the house. Where we live we are only allowed to grow vegetables in the back yard. Also any garden structures must be made of wood, not of a permanent substance like brick and they must be completely within 3 feet of the foundation of the house. I can dig up dirt and plant other things in the back yard, they just cannot be enclosed in anything. The gardens I am doing now are a start.

I got three seed catalogs today. Park Seed, Burpee and The Cook's Garden. They are all their spring or summer catalogs as I ordered them late. Up till now the garden has not really been planned or easy to take care of or very productive. I love fresh veggies and am hoping to change that. I am letting the foundation dry today and tomorrow am going to put in weed cloth in strips along the wall that was painted. I will put strips a foot wide the length of the wall, then shovel in the dirt, level it, fold the edge of the weed cloth over and set the new boxes on it. There is always a gap when the box is set against the wall and I have had trouble with weeds lurking back there.

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