Monday, July 21, 2008

The Garden At Home

When we got home I was glad to see that the beans are sprouting.

That picture was taken yesterday afternoon. Look at them today! All nine in this square have sprouted.

None of the pole beans have broken through yet. These sprouts are the bush beans.

When we got home yesterday there was a yellow summer squash ready to pick.

I don't think it was in the house ten minutes before hubby had it sliced and breaded and frying in a pan.

I picked a second one today.

I also picked three Mortgage Lifter tomatoes. We had them and the second squash for dinner.

Not much happening in the old garden except the potato plants are still flowering.

I am tempted to join in the potato experiment on one of my lists. Some people have just now planted potatoes to see if they can get at least new potatoes before frost. I think the potato experimentation will have to wait for next year though. I may try some in trash compactor bags then to see how they do. I want to perfect my potato box design for next year too.

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