Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Hardiness Zone and Planting Dates

According to the map I am in zone 6B for VA and WV both. I am in the dark yellow in both locations. But according to Garden Web's Zip Code US Zone Finder I am in zone 7 in VA and zone 6 in WV. Interesting. According to The Trumpet Vine,, my frost free date is May 10th. According to the same source, , my first frost date is October 15.

I am about as close to a major river at both locations too. In VA it is the Potomac and in WV the South Branch of the Potomac. I have yet to see the river from our home in VA but it has actually washed over the WV property once in 1985 and a couple more times has been on the extreme lower edge of the property. The flood in 1985 was a 100 year flood meaning that on average it only floods that badly once every 100 years. You may like the read the book that was written about the flood. Killing Waters: The Great WV Flood of 1985,1860.aspx

According to this PDF my last killing frost is the end of April and the first killing frost is October 19th. This gives me an average of 182 days frost free. I know from experience that there are often several days of warmer weather both before and after the first and last frost. So if I cover the plants I may get a bit more growing time.

Here is a PDF with fall planting dates for my area.

Here is a PDF to order publications from the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service

Other Publications of interest to me from the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service include
Composting 426-325
Compost: What Is It ans What Is It To You 452-231
Sweet Corn 426-405
Cucumbers, Melons and Squash 426-406
Leafy Green Vegetables 426-408
Vegetables Recommended For Virginia 426-480
Tomatoes 426-418
Monthly Gardening Tips
Virginia Cooperative Extension Publications List

This is the last one for today.

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