Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I was out in the back yard. I got all the old boards from around the old raised bed garden dug up. My husband wants to paint the bricks of the foundation before I put the new square foot beds in so I was digging a trench along that wall to make the painting easier. My shovel turned up what I thought at first was a huge worm as it was wiggly and pink. Then it righted itself and started to move away and I saw it was a snake. Brown on top with a pink belly. I picked it up because I do that with snakes as long as I am sure they are not venomous. On the way into the house I realized my son was home and called him downstairs to see it. He was not as thrilled as I was. I had to go downstairs to get my camera and then back outside for the picture holding the snake all the way. The angle of the picture is meant to show the pile of rotten wood that was the old raised bed I took out. Unfortunately, my hand is blocking the veiw of most of it. You can see the trench I was digging against the wall. Here is a top veiw of the snake.

And here is the pink belly.

I would love to know what it is if you know. I did find out that it is an Eastern Worm Snake. Aptly named, since I did at first think it was a worm.

Lastly, I harvested the last bit of produce from this bed. I did not plant it at all. I leaned the onion against my shovel so you could get an idea of size. I am not really even sure how it got there in the first place as it was right up against the wall and I did not plant it. I have had onions on another side of the house in the past so maybe something carried it around the corner.

Now to get my husband to the store to buy the paint. I would love to get a fall crop of something from the new garden this year, but may have to put in hardy stuff that will overwinter and get a fast start in the spring.
I was hoping to use the old boards to make the new garden beds but they are too far gone. Making the new beds is expensive!

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