Monday, August 18, 2008


That's how many boards I ended up with. Almost all of them had nails that needed pulled out. I put the nails in a one liter bottle as I removed them. Before tossing the bottle I screwed the lid on. I have had too many nails in tires to take chances with them.

The boards are four feet long but almost all are damaged on each end where they were ripped off their former wall. No problem. I will make smaller beds for now. I was worried about being able to afford the good lumber for constructing them. I started and got three made with untreated pine. My thinking was to get them made and usable first and then gradually replace them with cedar or redwood. Now I can make as many as I like with the boards and have them all in place by spring. Yes, I still have to finish painting the foundation too between tearing out the old beds and putting in new. I can build potato bins with the boards too. Yay!

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