Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Fine Weekend

When we got to the Little Cabin I noticed my Butterfly Garden was looking very neglected. I weeded it and it looks much better now. A lot of grass and even some poison ivy had found their way in. Something large likes to sleep in the very middle of it so the middle area is always trampled down. Whatever it is also knocks over the birdbath on a regular basis.

The Monarch Butterflies love the Purple Coneflowers.

Finally! The Monarch Butterflies have found the milkweed :)

A load of brush headed for the new brush pile. We have a LOT of brush and a lot of it comes equipped with thorns.

This is the new brush pile we have started. There are a LOT of thorns in this pile.

This is a branch of one of the Osage orange trees. You can see the fruits on it. This is only a small section of one branch on a very large tree. Ouch! Besides having the large fruit that can fall on your head unexpectedly, they also have two inch thorns that are extremely sharp and tough and can penetrate anything.

As you can see from this one in my husband's hand the Osage orange fruit are BIG! The trees are quite tall and when the fruit falls, look out! Too bad they are not good for anything.

Wild Grapes! We have a TON of grapevines growing wild. Most of the fruit is HIGH in the trees. I found this vine with several bunches of fruit lower to the ground where I could see them. The grapes are so little!

Another Mystery Tree. I am going to try and identify the trees we have growing on the property. This is another that I do not yet know the name of.

On the way home, before we even got to the paved road, we saw this little fellow. He was not acting at all like a raccoon should. His back was humped and he was moving slowly. Another driver saw it also and was on the phone, hopefully to the local DNR. We were concerned about rabies.

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