Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beans, Beans

Last night with my husband's help I moved the garden away from the wall and added sand underneath to make it more level. Note to self: do not water the garden before attempting to move it! It was HEAVY! It is more level now, but this winter I will level it more. I also attached the trellis netting to the uprights. Yes I should have done it before but I had not ordered it yet. I did look for it locally but the garden stores here did not have it this late in the season.

The Bush Beans have really taken off. I expect flowers any day now.

The Pole Beans still had a poor germination rate but a few of them did grow. I decided to go with what I have and see what they do rather than trying again to start more seeds. The Pole Beans are a darker colored plant than the bush and can be seen behind the Bush Beans.

The onion sets I planted have not done anything above ground. I hope they are setting roots below.

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Barbee' said...

Woo! I was way behind with my reading here. You have been a busy little beaver! We have Osage orange trees, too. The fruits have a nice fruity fragrance and the squirrels shuck out the seeds. I have read that if you put them in the corners of your rooms, you will not have spiders in the house. I have never tried it :)