Sunday, August 17, 2008


Do you know what these are? These are about 30 free barn boards that were used as paneling. They were offered on my local Freecycle list and I snagged them. I think there are closer to a hundred boards but some are cracked or have pieces cut out where outlets and switches were.

Currently I am busily pulling out nails and staples. Look for future reincarnations of the boards around the garden and cabin. They are all about four feet long and varying widths and tongue and groove too.

In the garden the Bush Beans are flowering. The seeds were planted in the ground outside on July 16 so one month from planting to flowering. Now I am anxious for beans to eat!

In one of the old beds some volunteers of some sort of allium are beginning to flower. I have no idea what they even are and will be bidding them goodbye when the new beds go in. I still have a Lemon Boy tomato plant in that bed.

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