Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cicada, Baby Beans and DIY Tree Guards

Last evening my hubby and I took a stroll around the block. We have a nice circular route that is just over a mile in length. I found this cicada along the way and brought it home to take it's picture. I don't know which kind of Cicada it is. If I find out I will add the information here. Cicadas have anywhere from a one year to seventeen year cycle. This one has a lot of green on it's body. Cicada Identified! It is an Annual Cicada also known as the Dogday Harvestfly.

You will have to take my word for it that there are actual baby beans in this picture. Really! They are so small that they just don't show in the picture. These are the Bush Beans. The Pole Beans are still not doing well. I may try them again in the spring.

DIY Tree Guards. The next time we go to the cabin I will be taking these tree guards. I got the plastic pipe free from Freecycle and cut them in about eight to ten inch lengths. Then I cut a slit lengthwise to facilitate slipping it around the trunk.

If you make them do not be fooled into thinking you do not have to cut the lengthwise slit. You may be able to slip it over the top of a young tree but the tree will grow and eventually you will want to remove it. Make the slit now as it will be very difficult to do it later.

It took me about twenty minutes from start of project till everything was cleaned up and put away. I used an electric handheld saw for the project.

Hopefully the tree guards will help save the young trees from my husband's tractor and my weed whacker.

Here is a picture of a tree guard in action!

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