Monday, August 18, 2008

The Most Incredible Thing

The Most Incredible Thing just happened! I cooked on the grill and was going out to the deck to put the cover back on the grill. I saw something on the railing and seriously at first thought it was a pile of bird poop. Then it moved!!!!!!!!!!

Little by little a crack appeared.

The crack got bigger and bigger.

Then it rolled over.

And the top popped off.

It struggled and soon the rest of it was free.

Here it is out of the egg.

And here it is in my hand. So tiny!

I have the baby in a makeshift nest of cotton in a margarine tub on top of an aquarium light.
I finally found the right people to call. I left a message and am waiting for a call back.
They referred me to The Life Centre and that is where I ended up taking the baby.

This is how I transported the baby, in a pill bottle.

I took the picture where it hatched. The specks on the railing are bits of the broken eggshell.

You can see how just glancing at it I thought it was bird poop at first. True, it was not broken at that point but this is the side that was up. It has a very faint blue tint to the white. The speckles are a dark brown and are concentrated on the rounded end of the egg rather than the pointier end. I offered the egg to the clinic as a help in identifying but they did not want it. I am still searching for what it might be.
The theory is that a Crow or Blue Jay robbed a nest of a smaller bird and settled on my deck rail to eat it. I scared it off when I went out to cover the grill and it dropped the egg. I don't know as all I saw was the egg. It was pure coincidence that it was ready to hatch right at that instant.

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