Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tomatoes and Heat

Apparently the tomatoes were not ripening for so long due in part to the heat. This article explains:

I also probably pruned too much foliage off of mine. The fruits ripen better when shaded. Live and learn.

I have not been overly impressed with how any of the tomato plants have done this year. That means I get to try new varieties next year :) I am going to start them from seed in the spring next year and see what happens.

The ones I am not happy with this year are the Roma and Lemon Boy. Mortgage Lifter is marginal. I have had more tomatoes from it but I also have two plants.

In other garden news the pole beans I started indoors are just starting to sprout. I guess the seed is good after all. I wonder if they did not like the temps outside?

Whatever ate the bean plant did not visit again. I also saw no signs of a hornworm. No new damage.

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easygardener said...

Too much heat isn't a problem here, we haven't got enough! I tend to grow smaller varieties of tomatoes as they ripen quicker.