Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Local Wildlife Approves

The wildflower garden at the cabin has been getting rave reviews from the local wildlife. In this picture there are two deer. One is right in the middle of the garden by the milkweed plant that I had to stake because they had knocked it down. The second deer is emerging from the garden on the left of the picture. There were four deer but the other two did not enter the garden this time.

A little later I looked out and saw a skunk scurrying as fast as it could headed for it's hole under the bird feeder. The skunk is the small black spot just to the left of the garden.

Soon after that the grounhog headed home. The groundhog burrow is just to the right of the birdbath base.

I am quite pleased that the garden is so popular. Often it is not very pretty because of the wildlife but it is there for them.

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