Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Requiem For the Fish

I have a small water garden on my deck at home. The garden has a fence of hardware cloth wired to the top and a ceramic pot in the bottom for the fish to hide. I also keep a fountain going in the pond. All this in an effort to keep the critters out and the fish in.

All in vain once again.

Last year it was a cat that kept coming back. I caught it actually down in the water chasing the fish. It caught every fish.

I did not see the predator this time. I checked on the fish at night and in the morning when I went to feed them the fence was crooked and the deck was littered with scales and bones.

I only put the little feeder goldfish from WalMart in the pond but these had grown to six or more inches long since spring.

When I do keep them through the summer I overwinter them inside. I have a seventy-five gallon tank with more goldfish in the basement. I will not be putting any more in the pond this fall.

The plant in the picture is a Dwarf Papyrus that I got at WalMart last year. I overwintered it in the basement fish tank. I put a flowerpot under the papyrus pot so the plant can stick out the opening at the back of the tank. The tank is by my plant grow lights so it does okay.

I also have Water Hyacinths in the pond. They are huge and have done absolutely splendidly this year. I have not been able to keep them happy through the winter. They turn yellow and melt.

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Barbee' said...

Over the years I have had problems with raccoons catching the goldfish.