Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Made Laundry Detergent

I used the recipe at:

I used a bath size bar of Ivory soap and followed the rest of the directions except for waiting for it to set up before pouring into empty detergent bottles.

I poured it into the bottles right after finishing mixing it in the bucket.
I did not have enough empty detergent bottles as someone helpfully disposed of the empties.

The detergent gelled fine in the bottles. I did not fill them all the way full so there was room to slosh it around and mix it up.

My Ivory soap was a bar that I had had for a while and had dried out some. That meant that when I grated it I got a fine powder instead of the curly slivers. If I do try the recipe for the dry detergent I will use an older bar of Ivory. I age the bars for shower use as they last longer than the new wet bars.

It will sure be nice if it really works as well as some people say. I have seen mixed reveiws.

I did not take any pictures as it is not really very photogenic and there are plenty of pictures at the recipe site.


Barbee' said...

You are so industrious! Interesting post! I watched the TV show about the Dugger family and the teenage girls were making soap like yours. They have 17 children and expecting one more, delightful family, but they are always looking for ways to save money. They gave the figures about how much they saved by doing this, but I don't remember the numbers. It was impressive, though.

Aiyana said...

Do you remember Ivory Flakes? I used that detergent for years many years ago. I wonder if it was made with grated Ivory bars. Interesting recipe.