Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Harvest 2008, Before The Great Garden Makeover

Here is a summary of the garden production in 2008. This is the year I decided I had to drastically change the way I was utilizing my garden space and the way I was gardening.

I began by ripping out all the old garden beds. The existing beds were all four feet deep and right up against the foundation of the house. I could not reach them to plant, weed or harvest so they were always pretty much a mess. They also had our own soil from the yard in them and it is clay.

The new beds are two feet deep and I can easily reach to the back. I had one bed in place in time to plant beans and had a good harvest.

In 2008 I harvested:

10 Lemon Boy Tomatoes, plant pulled 10-10
24 Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes, plant pulled 10-15
294 Green Beans (in new bed), plants (14) pulled 10-23, due to being killed by frost
35 Roma Tomatoes, plant pulled 10-15
6 Yellow Summer Squash, plant pulled 8-4
62 Purple Beans, plants (3) pulled 10-22
63 Potatoes, 1 of which is red, last dug on 11-6

The Lemon Boy tomato plant was obtained from a Freecycle listing. I originally had two plants but a windstorm shortly after planting took one of them and the banana pepper plant as well. I did not find even bits of the plants. They were just gone.

I got the Mortgage Lifters at WalMart. Twenty-four tomatoes from two plants would not pay my mortgage.

I purchased the green bean seeds at a local nursery in late summer. Their distributor had picked up all but two packages of beans and I bought both. The pole beans sprouted but never got more than a few inches tall. The bush beans took off!
Wow! I was quite pleased. They were in a new bed filled with Mel's Mix a la Square Foot Gardening.

The summer squash were completely riddled with borers. The poor plant tried it's best and if I had paid more attention I would have caught the problem earlier.

I had three purple bean seeds sprout in an old bed. The plants only got about six inches tall but did well under the circumstances.

The potatoes were the biggest surprise. Two years ago I planted three small potatoes from my father-in-law. I got a handful of potatoes but nothing to brag about. Last year the potatoes sprouted from bits left in the ground but almost immediately died and were not seen again that year. I did not even try to dig them.
This year three plants came up. I totally neglected them as I could not reach them. They actually did quite well. I did have one potato I could not explain. One potato was red. All the rest were white. I have saved it to plant again.

Not a horrid harvest but I am really looking forward to Garden Season 2009.


Barbee' said...

I enjoyed this report. It is a good way to catalog the info for yourself, I think. You really did a lot of work this year what with remaking the beds and all. I think next year you will have a better harvest with less work.

Rosemary said...

Very impressive list and a great idea to be able to see what you have done all season.