Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Sowing

I winter sowed my seeds the end of December and have been waiting ever since then to get a picture of them with snow on them. It started snowing yesterday and finished with a half inch of ice today and here are my containers waiting for warm weather to start sprouting.

I have peach, pear, apple, redbud, hazelnut, gingko and many others planted in the bottles. The bottles are sitting in under bed storage boxes. The bottles and boxes both have holes in the bottoms for drainage. Each box holds 24 bottles. The top part of the bottle is cut most of the way through and has tape to hold it shut. The lids are off the bottles.

I would never have enough room to start all of these seeds indoors and start my tomato and other plants too. I am anxiously waiting to see what sprouts. Each bottle is numbered and I have what I planted in each written in my garden notebook.

GardenWeb has a good winter sowing forum and there is a Yahoo group as well.

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