Saturday, February 21, 2009


Green things are happening!

My Peas for the Snap Pea Challenge are sprouting!

I did an experiment and pre-soaked 12 peas overnight before planting. I also planted 7 peas without pre-soaking. All the pre-soaked peas are sprouting, but the ones I did not pre-soak have not sprouted yet.

There is one little sprout in the picture :)

My broccoli was inspired by the peas. Broccoli is usually slow to sprout, sometimes taking three weeks to show green.

My broccoli was planted on February 16th, the day after the snap peas, yet sprouted on the same day.
The peas took their time and the broccoli was speedy!
If you look closely you can see a couple of little sprouts in the picture.

I found a new hardiness zone map I had not seen before and found I have my last and first frost dates wrong!
Oh no! That means I have to get cracking on starting the plants I want for home.
According to this site my last frost is April 20-30 and my first frost is October 19-29.
Actually, these dates are closer to my own experience so I will revise my plan to reflect these dates.
The dates for West Virginia are still accurate.
C'mon Spring!!!

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