Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Garden Work

I planted some suckers from my lilac bush at home. They are small but do have roots.

The bucket is my attempt to water them slowly and thoroughly. It is a five gallon bucket and has a small hole drilled at the bottom to trickle water slowly to the plant.

I have also surrounded it with a circle of fencing held in place by two stakes. This is an attempt to keep it safe from the lawn tractor.

This is a Red Delicious Apple Tree bought at Home Depot. It is surrounded by the same fencing as the lilac and also fed by a drip bucket. The wood is fit through the holes in the fencing to hold the tree upright till it grows enough roots to hold it in place.

I was shocked at how few roots this tree had. When I took off the nursery sock the soil just fell away and there were hardly any roots at all. I do hope it is able to make it.

This is the pea patch. Hubby used our new flamethrower to burn off the grass. I have Sugar Snap peas on the left and Alaska peas on the right. Yes the posts are different heights. I use what I have. I have strung 6 rows of string and will add more strings as the peas grow.

This is the onion bed. There are three rows of red onions and one row of white.

This is my potato experiment. I figured if potatoes will grow in straw, why not try growing them in shredded paper. Can you see why? Yep, the paper blew out of the cages and is everywhere!
Even wet, it blew!
The cages are made of fencing with two inch squares and i thought for sure those small squares would hold the paper securely. Nope. Now I can play fifty-ywo thousand pick up!

I put some soil on top of the paper to hold it.

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Barbee' said...

Maybe the birds will help you clean it up as they collect material for their nests.