Friday, April 10, 2009

Trash and Treasures

I took a long walk around the cabin property and found a lot of trash. I was happy to find these glass jars before hubby hit them with the brush mower! One of them was an old Taster's Choice coffee jar and I don't know what the rest were. There was also an old window screen and a bunch of rusted cans.

I walked some more and found this toy saw. I wonder what child left it here?

I also found a few places that look like this. Ugh! I will have to get them cleaned up!

Now on to the treasures! I found these blue flowers. Barbee has confirmed they are Virginia Bluebells.

Some fiddleheads just starting to open.

Some tiny flowers. Barbee has confirmed that they are Spring Beauties.

And finally, my favorite find of all, an antler! It is from a spike buck. This is the second antler I have found on my property and I love to find them.


Barbee' said...

Oh, Susan, you found two of my favorite wild flowers: Virginia Bluebells and Spring Beauties! You are soooooo lucky!

Susan Mrenna said...

Thanks, Barbee! Now I have to make sure they stay safe. I also found some trout lilies just starting to come up.